UNICEF’s Investment in Albanian Startups: A Game-Changer for Climate Action


In an era of heightened global awareness regarding climate change and mental health, UNICEF has emerged as a key player in fostering innovation and empowering startups to create positive change. With a special focus on Albania, UNICEF's recent investment initiative is set to be a game-changer for Albanian startups in the field of climate action and beyond. In this article, we delve into UNICEF's mission, the selection criteria for startups, the expected impact of innovation, and the role of youth in this transformative journey.

UNICEF's Mission: Innovation for Impact

Edina, the Deputy representative at UNICEF Albania, underscores the organization's enduring commitment to innovation. UNICEF has a history of pioneering solutions for children and vulnerable communities, with a strong emphasis on adopting cutting-edge technologies. As Edina explains, "UNICEF has always looked at how we can make sure that our programs and services reach each and every child, especially the most vulnerable. This is usually when we bring in the strength of innovation, creative ideas, and new partners."

Andreas, Innovation Officer at UNICEF Albania, explains that the focus for this particular call from the UNICEF Innovation Fund is on "frontier technologies" with the potential to positively impact children while emphasizing the importance of scalability. UNICEF seeks solutions that harness technologies such as AI, blockchain, and drones and has a commitment to open-source development. This approach ensures that innovative solutions can be shared and adapted for broader application, as Andreas notes, "The fund focuses on strengthening companies' solutions and building their digital goods to support growth and impact more users."

Selection Criteria: Paving the Way for Albanian Startups

UNICEF's criteria for selecting startups are clear. They aim to support startups that not only demonstrate the potential to impact children positively but also possess the elements of frontier technology. As Andreas elaborates, "The solutions need to have an element of frontier technology (AI, Blockchain, drones, etc.), a willingness to work as open-source solutions, and be based in a country with a UNICEF office."

Albania, represented by Intelligent Network Solutions, is poised to be part of the inaugural "UNICEF Cohort of Investment for Climate Action." This marks a significant achievement for the Albanian startup ecosystem, placing the country on the global innovation map. Edina expresses her enthusiasm for this achievement, saying, "I would consider this as confirmation that international actors are interested in what is coming out of the Albanian Innovation Ecosystem."

Expected Impact of Innovation: Accelerating Change

Innovation, according to Edina, serves as an accelerator for achieving UNICEF's goals. It expedites positive changes and mobilizes new partners and ideas. She highlights the collaborative aspect of innovation, "It will bring together new partners, new ideas, and build on the strengths of the creativity of startups and the private sector for new solutions."

Andreas further underscores the value of UNICEF's investment and mentorship, stating, "The investment will come with personalized mentorship focusing on refining their value proposition, open-source development, generating evidence of impact, business strategy, product design, and data privacy and trust." This combination of financial investment and technical collaboration is expected to position selected solutions for better scalability.

Youth and Innovation: A Perfect Match

UNICEF recognizes the power of youth in driving innovation. Young individuals, by nature, possess open mindsets, a willingness to experiment, and an eagerness to challenge traditional solutions. The startup ecosystem mirrors these attributes, which is why UNICEF is keen on working with them, as Edina explains, "We all want to bring in positive changes for the social situation and social challenges of the country."

Edina believes that youth can make a significant impact through innovation, noting that they "are not afraid of failing, they are not afraid of always experimenting." Andreas concurs, emphasizing the startup ecosystem's role in encouraging experimentation and testing of solutions, celebrating failures as learning experiences.

A Bright Future for Albanian Startups

UNICEF's investment initiative represents a significant milestone for Albanian startups, offering them the resources and mentorship needed to develop innovative solutions that address critical global challenges. By tapping into the power of innovation and the creativity of the youth, UNICEF is not only contributing to the startup ecosystem but also paving the way for a brighter future for Albania and beyond. This initiative is a testament to the potential of startups to create lasting impact and drive positive change on a global scale. The collaboration between UNICEF and Albanian startups holds the promise of a more sustainable and innovative future.

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