“We live in Fintech Days…”

Fintech Days


1.7 billion adults worldwide do not have access to banking services, according to studies conducted by the World Bank (2021). From the same source, for the Albanian market, this situation affects over 60% of the local population. In the days we live in, these figures are truly disturbing and affect the lives of each of us!

Attention to this phenomenon has been continuously raised by domestic and foreign financial institutions, even before the pandemic, considering the fact that increasing access and financial inclusion in a country is one of the best techniques for the development of a country's economy. Moreover, one of the goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is the elimination of poverty through microfinance and new financial technologies.

In the Albanian market, Fintech companies are transforming the future of the financial services sector, bringing more and more innovations every day. EasyPay holds the position of market pioneer, since the start of this journey in 2010, when there was little talk about innovation in local entrepreneurship and technology in financial services. With a good desire to bring positive changes in the ecosystem of the fintech industry, EasyPay organizes the first several-day conference with a focus on Albanian fintech.

"FinTech Days Tirana 2022", 3 full days, filled with new, bold ideas and full of opportunities for new acquaintances and partnerships. This event will bring a different format for the Albanian public and not only: during the three days a hackathon will take place in parallel, while on the last day the first Fintech conference organized in Albania will take place.

September 21, 22, and 23 will be the days of young Albanian programmers, who will challenge themselves and each other in a hackathon, or as we like to call it, fintechathon. This profession, as young as it is challenging, has won the hearts of hundreds and thousands of young Albanians who have shown their love for technology. Tirana will welcome "Fintech Days", under the guise of the European Youth Capital for 2022. The capital is full of energetic young men and women waiting for an opportunity to unfold their ideas and skills.

The Albanian Fintech days will be concluded with the "Where Tech meets Finance, for Digital Transformation" Conference. A conference organized with discussions at high levels of representation, where for the first time the community of digital financial institutions will come together: service providers, traditional businesses, banks, advisors, academics, researchers, and government representatives from Albania and the region. The event will start with speeches by senior officials and important actors in the public, private and academic sectors and then it will continue with four interactive discussion sessions where some of the current issues of digital finance in the country will be addressed.

This event is open to all enthusiasts of the field of digital finance, young entrepreneurs, researchers, and actors of the ecosystem, who will have the opportunity to secure a free ticket by registering on the platform: https://www.fintechdays.al/#home

We are already aware that we are living in the days of fintech, and the future is closer than ever!

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