What to do in September 2023 in Tirana


Goodbye, summer, and welcome autumn. It's the time of the year when everything starts going into motion again, the month of September. People return from holidays, children return to school, and Tirana city is more alive than ever with never-ending activities and events. So get ready for this busy month of fun and discovery!

Tirana Photo Festival

The highlight of this month is our annual photo festival, Tirana Photo Festival 2023, 6th Edition. The exhibition opens on the 9th and continues until 17 September 2023. Tirana Photo Festival is the biggest event of photography in Albania, organized every year in Tirana, this time Big Park of Tirana Lake

This festival aims to promote Albania through Photography and educate and motivate young people with the art of photography. This year is the 6th Edition, and the theme is On the Move. There is a competition in three categories: Foto Single, Foto Series, and Video Drone.

The Award Ceremony will be organized on 12 September at Tirana Amphitheatre, Tirana. Don't miss this beautiful event. It is open and accessible to everyone. 

Moving on, we have the unchangeable Skanderbeg Square, where you can enjoy a lovely evening with your family or go around Rinia Park to then go to the pedestrian crossing of Tirana or short "Pedonalja" like locals would call it, where multiple events will be taken place, like the JKN.


JKN (Java Kulturore Nderkombetare) International Cultural Week for this month offers four different countries with their unicity.

Azerbaijan 31 August – 03 September

Great Brittain 04 – 10 September

Egypt 18 – 24 September

China 25 September – 01 October

The month of September is characterized by food-themed festivals and events such as:

Tomato Festival

Something you cannot miss is the Tomato Festival in Tirana. The local festivity begins with a trip to Saint George, a surprisingly accessible destination with stunning panoramas. The event is accompanied by a fair that presents typical local products and traditional dishes, tomato-based dishes, folk music concerts, guided tours of historical and natural attractions, product tastings, etc.

Vineyard Festival

For the fourth year, the Municipality of Tirana will support and organize the Wine and Vineyard Festival in the capital. Culturing vineyards and wine production in this region has become a tradition. The event will accompany a mini-fair where vineyard products and different types of wines will be exhibited. All agricultural products and grape by-products will be included.

Suppose you want to experience the sea of flavors that Asian cuisine can offer. In that case, we highly recommend you try Amo Sushi not only for the fantastic food experience but also for its comfortable and warm atmosphere.

But do not forget that during weekends you can explore the villages of Tirana, or spend a day at the Adventure Park in Dajti, a fantastic place for children and adults. Real adventurers can plan to sleep at Dajti Tower Belvedere and do hiking and horse riding, go by cable car and see a different view of Tirana, and leave with an unforgettable experience.


All Leading Companies, all the Leading service providers, Representatives, Manufacturers, Distributors, Vendors, Suppliers – All meet at Future2Tech 2023 to do business and meet new partners

The Trade Fair for Innovation, Technology and Education “Future2Tech 2023” will take place at September 21-22 at the Palace of Congresses.

Companies who lead the technology fields in Albania and the region, will take part and exhibit in this trade show, which will be attended by thousands of visitors. Several professional events, conferences and keynote sessions will be held in the framework of the exhibition.

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