What you can do in February in Tirana?


After the cold and gloomy January, almost everyone is eagerly awaiting February. Some are excited to celebrate Valentine's Day, while others are impatiently waiting because it's the last month of winter. This is the early springtime when love and romance blossom. One of the first signs of early spring is the fresh bloom of mimosa flowers, a beautiful and marvelous sight to behold.

February is the month of love, so give as much love and warmth to your partner and loved ones as possible. The city will be adorned with hearts everywhere, especially in the center. Meanwhile, bars and restaurants are preparing new menus and offers to attract celebrating couples.

An important date is February 11th, when Tirana was declared the capital of Albania in 1920. This year, Tirana will celebrate 104 years as the capital of Albania. These landmark dates have always been commemorated with various events in the capital. Part of the celebrations will be an open event in Tirana titled "The Multicolored City" featuring exhibitions of photos of Tirana over the years, poetry, and other activities in various squares of the city.

What can you do in February?

Enjoy nature. Nature is free. Get out into nature as often as possible and give yourself peace. Tirana has many parks and spaces where you can walk, cycle, or relax, such as the Artificial Lake Park, Farka Lake, Kashar Lake, etc. Mount Dajti and Mount Gropa are two destinations visited during this time of year because they are covered in snow.

February events in Tirana:

The Opera and Ballet Theater has started its artistic program. TKOB is pleased to welcome you to the 20th anniversary of the creation of the Philharmonic Choir of Kosovo, a magnificent concert that will be held on February 2nd. Giselle is one of the most beautiful ballets, returning to TKOB's stage from February 5th to 7th. On February 11th, Vesa Luma's concert will be held at the National Theater of Opera and Ballet. The National Theater will start in the early days of February, from January 31st to February 4th, with the performance of "The Testament in the Air Turbine." On February 11th, Tirana will celebrate its 104th anniversary as the capital of Albania. Many activities from morning till night will be organized by the Municipality of Tirana. On February 14th, Valentine's Day will be celebrated everywhere in the city, from main squares to bars and restaurants.

Other events: 

Odoo is coming to Tirana soon..

Odoo is a comprehensive business management platform that is able to meet every need of a company, from finances to e-commerce, giving you full control over your business. On Tuesday, February 13th, at 6 p.m., we are pleased to invite you to Tirana, Plaza Hotel for the Odoo Tirana Roadshow. Join us to discover the best modern digital tools for full control and management of your business. Now is the time for digital transformation.

Get ready for the super event "Albanian NextGen professionals in GTA"

The idea for this event arose from the difficulties faced by Albanian professionals in Canada. Many of them encounter difficulties in adaptation due to fundamental differences in the job market. The main goal of this event is to provide support and guidance for Albanian professionals in the Toronto area facing these challenges.

Nominations are open for the 2023 Balkans Entrepreneurial Women of the Year.

For the third consecutive year, the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) is pleased to announce that nominations for the 2023 Balkans Entrepreneurial Women of the Year have officially begun. Any woman who is a citizen of one of the economies of the Western Balkans and owns a business registered before January 31, 2023, has the right to be nominated. Nominations will be open until February 26, 2024.

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