What’s wrong with my e-commerce? – Personalized advice from experts

AECA Consultancy Direction Online


Do you want to receive advice from the best online commerce experts in Albania? Consultancy Direction Online offers precisely that. The online commerce association in Albania has invited every online seller to become a part of and benefit from the FREE consultancy service to rejuvenate their business. 

Valer Pinderi, the president of the association with over 18 years of experience in online commerce, explains the basics of this service.

The mindset, which is long-term and requires a commitment to build. 

The product, different products are sold in different forms and strategies, and the right one must always be found.

Capacity, in regards to being aware of the resources you have and building goals based on them.

Digital marketing, which is very different from traditional marketing and requires education. 

The process, how to follow the right process and optimize it to handle any kind of flow.

The customer, despite the lack of physical communication, the right way to manage the customer must be found with the data you have from them.

Brought into these 6 dimensions, AECA offers a guide, which is based on 100 questions, personalized for all online stores. The guide describes all the factors that are missing or are not at the right level on your e-commerce store, and the solutions for them. After completing the questionnaire, each registered individual receives a complete diagnosis as well as meetings with AECA experts, who help in implementing the necessary changes. This service is dedicated to all those with a registered business and the desire to make it successful.

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