Women Startup Competition: Here are the ideas that made it to the finale

Women Startup Competition


Last Saturday, was all about #startupwomen. For the first time in #Albania #StartupWomenCompetition started! But, it was not a competition, it was a journey together with more than 30 passionate amazing women. Landa Grembi, Albana MucajArbresha TallaNevila DudajMarjana Murja and many other great women, but not only made possible the organisation of this competition. The event went beyond expectations. Jury, Mentors and Startups came HOME from abroad, Germany, Austria, Italy, USA, and Kosovo to witness the event. Important actors of the #Startup #Ecosystem in Albania offered their support for finalists, like #mentoring, financial support, collaborations, etc.

The 1st place winner was Praktika.al, a matchmaking platform between internship opportunities and students. Below you can find the full list of final startups:

1. Feel safer from Istela Shena & her team: More than an app, more than a platform, more than just a car-sharing company. This is a care sharing movement, making females feel safer.

2. Providing online service for MS patients by Endiza Dema:Creation of an electronic portal for the MS patients, which is missing in our country for this target group and not only.  

3. Recycling and tradition from Meliha Zyberi and all community women in the region of Vau i Dejes: Recycling and tradition. Recycled bags and clothing thus reducing textile waste and the use of plastic bags.  

4. Praktika.al from Albina Bardhi and her team: Connecting companies, students and education institutions together with an interactive platform.

5. Receta  from Alba Hoxha: No more food waste & lot of time for your family! Your desired food with all necessary ingredients together with the recept, step by step how to cook it.

6. Clay Play Lab from Leonida Palushaj: A sustain idea including also the disability people. Pottery wish self made products as a social enterprise in Shkodra. First prototype ready!

7. Brunilda Licaj and her team: Revitalization of the old houses in the historical zones in the rural areas of Albania

8. R Team from Rigerta Hoxha: Construction management software, which is developed based on the specific costumers requests.

9. TaskMe Prishila Gjoka and Anisa Saraci: A solution platform which connects students and businesses together to support each others. Students can handle the daily tasks required by business, which does not need to employee a full time FTE.

10. GuidHero from Rozalba Xhori and her team: A proposal how to travel differently, full equipped with information of the country that will be your next destination.

A big thank you goes to our jury Driton EminiEduard ShalsiFation Dragoshi Elisabeta Katiaj Sibel Pipa Nevila Dudaj ONE Telecommunications & ALBtelecom Albania & last but not least: Thank you Edona Bilali and your team!
Women Startup Competition

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