XTRA REAL ESTATE DUBAI, the only company representing Albania at the prestigious business event in Dubai


The recent event organized by Arabian Business in Dubai marked a significant historic moment for the global real estate industry. Among the distinguished companies in the world of non-fungible assets, XTRA REAL ESTATE DUBAI stood out as the sole representative of non-fungible assets, showcasing the innovative future of the industry. This prestigious event was adorned by the presence of renowned entrepreneurs from around the world, including executives from Albanian companies, as the sole delegation from our country.

The event highlighted three prominent Albanian entrepreneurs: Kristian Cuku, Amarildo Sterkaj, and Avi Vatoci. Their presence emphasized the growing influence of Albanian business in the global market. Each, with their unique contributions in the sectors of non-fungible assets and business, has helped put Albania on the map of international business, even through this event.

The invitation from XTRA REAL ESTATE DUBAI to this exclusive event is a testament to the company's growing importance and respect in the non-fungible asset sector. Renowned for its innovative approach and exceptional service, the firm has quickly become a reference point for excellence in the industry.

But what are the aspirations for the future?!
Looking ahead, XTRA REAL ESTATE DUBAI aims to play an even more significant role in next year's event, according to the company's executives, Kristian Cuku and Amarildo Sterkaj. They promise that the aspiration is not only to participate but also to take on the stage and the awards. The company is preparing for an even more impactful presence in the world of non-fungible assets.

The participation of XTRA REAL ESTATE DUBAI and the recognition of the three Albanian entrepreneurs: Cuku, Sterkaj, and Vatoci at the Arabian Business event is a moment of pride, not only for them but for Albania as a whole. It is a clear indication that Albanian businesses are making their mark on the global stage, promising exciting developments for the future.

Kristian Cuku is one of the influential figures in the non-fungible asset market. He and his partner have made a visible entry into Dubai and the markets of the United Arab Emirates.

With deals exceeding $700 million in international non-fungible asset agreements, Kristian Cuku emerges as a transformative leader. His strategic vision and exclusive network are poised to change paradigms in transatlantic investments in the Middle East.

Kristian Cuku has experienced considerable growth in his career in the dynamic real estate market of the United Arab Emirates. His skill in connecting European investments with opportunities in the Middle East demonstrates his efforts to bring a revolution to transatlantic property relations.

From a renowned athlete to a business and property titan in Dubai, Cuku embodies determination and skill. His leadership at Xtra Real Estate LLC and his contributions to various startups showcase his ability to bridge the worlds of sports and business.

In addition to his deals, Cuku's active participation in visionary projects such as the Dubai 2040 Master Plan and the NEOM Mega City in Saudi Arabia underscores his commitment to regional development. His exclusivity in connections with elite clients from Europe and the Middle East positions him in a targeted market.

Kristian Cuku, besides his role in non-fungible assets, is a collector and art enthusiast, recognized as a global art ambassador. His involvement in the art world marks another sphere of passion and demonstrates his ability to discern perfect opportunities and future investments.

Located in Business Bay, Kristian Cuku's office reflects a commitment to quality and customer service. A welcoming center, it serves as a meeting place for clients, investors, and collaborators, showcasing Cuku's unique expertise and passion in the field of non-fungible assets. Kristian Cuku continues to stand as a colossus in the ever-changing landscape of the real estate market, creating an unparalleled footprint in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.


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