Albagame, the “gallery” of games, part of the e-commerce association in Albania


The e-commerce association in Albania was conceived just 2 years ago, but it has brought together many actors in the e-commerce industry in Albania, which highlights the importance and need for this association in the market. In this interview, we discuss with one of the founders who decided to become part of the association, Shpëtim Dulaj, founder of Albagame.

Shpëtim told us that Albagame decided to be part of the Albanian E-commerce Association (AECA) from the very beginning of the project idea, with great enthusiasm. The goal was to be part of a community that faces the same challenges and issues, providing the opportunity to share experiences and find solutions.

"E-commerce has become a powerful tool for businesses to achieve success in the market. The improvements it brings to a business start with:

  • Reducing operating costs. It doesn't require physical space and doesn't need many employees, as a traditional brick-and-mortar store might.

  • Selling products without geographical or time limitations since an online store is available 24/7.

  • Reaching every customer with personalized offers, which increases the opportunities to provide detailed information about the many products and services being offered.

  • With e-commerce, consumers can easily shop online from the comfort of their homes," he explains.

Who are the e-commerce actors in Albania? What technological developments have they brought to the market?

There are many actors in our market, and I don't want to mention some and forget others. To highlight, there are the pioneers of online commerce, Dyqanin Taxi, now Aladini. Two passionate and visionary individuals took steps and set some standards in online commerce. Now, with recent developments, we need, and it's important to work based on competitive standards and conduct business formally.

The key developments that a significant portion of e-commerce platforms in Albania has achieved include:

  • Enhancing security in the online payment system, including the implementation of encryption protocols for card data.

  • Standards in data usage.

  • Improving customer relationships, where through various modules, it is possible to analyze and fulfill customer requirements.

  • Improvements in shipping and logistics.

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What impact has the association had on the market? What are the future plans? What has been the impact on your business?

The Albanian E-commerce Association (AECA) has had a significant impact on the e-commerce market through its various initiatives. One important contribution is the provision of valuable training for members at a symbolic cost. By offering these training sessions, the goal is to equip members with the basic skills and knowledge needed to leverage the opportunities of e-commerce.

AECA's focus is on creating a strong community of e-commerce businesses, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing among its members. This focus promotes cooperation and provides a platform for businesses to exchange ideas, share best practices, and explore potential partnerships both within and outside the country. This not only helps individual businesses grow but also contributes to the overall development of e-commerce in Albania.

Among many plans, one of the most significant for AECA is the introduction of a Trust Mark, which is a crucial step towards building trust and security in the e-commerce market. This certification not only distinguishes reputable and trustworthy businesses online from informal ones but also increases consumer trust. This initiative can help create a safer and more reliable environment for online shoppers, benefiting both businesses and consumers in the end.

Finally, the association has launched a questionnaire for online businesses where they can receive personalized guidance and free consultation from AECA experts. How valuable is this in your view? What is the purpose of this service?

The opportunity for free consultation with AECA experts is a valuable resource. It allows businesses to benefit from the knowledge and experience of the association in the field of e-commerce. This consulting service can offer insights, guidance, and ultimately solutions to address specific concerns or challenges that individual businesses face on a daily basis.

In the end, in my opinion, it increases the value of AECA membership and contributes to the overall growth and success of e-commerce businesses in Albania.

If you were to make a call to e-commerce businesses in Albania, what would it be?

Build things that provide value.

Work on gaining customer trust.

Learn from mistakes.

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